A Closer Look at Your Average Scroll Saw

Posted by Sandpaper America on May 15th 2020

A Closer Look at Your Average Scroll Saw

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, then you have most certainly heard of a scroll saw before. And you probably own or have used one too! But for all you novice woodworkers and carpenters out there, a brief explanation of a scroll saw is just what you need. Continue reading to learn more about scroll saws and where you can get the best sanding products for your woodworking projects, online.

Scroll Saws

Scroll saws are small saws that are either electrically or manually (by a pedal) operated. Their primary use is for cutting intricate shapes and complex designs by hand, in thin or delicate wood. They are similar to a portable sabre or jigsaw, except they are used for pieces that these saws cannot intricately carve curves and edges into. A scroll saw uses very thin fine blades that lets woodworkers cut small radius curves. Its thin blades allows you to cut in very fine detail and sophistication. It is almost like a motorized coping saw. In fact, you can picture a scroll saw as just an upside-down bayonet saw with much finer blades.

Scroll saws are the perfect choice, and most often the only choice, for delicate cuts like inlays and scrollwork. They are essentially categorized as a “craft-oriented” tool because they are capable of allowing such artistry and skill. It is a more advanced woodworking tool that you may not need for quite some time. Once you begin incorporating intricate carvings and designs into your projects, you can consider investing in a scroll saw. In the meantime, a band or bayonet saw will do the trick.

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