The Quickest Way to Patch Up a Small Hole in the Wall

Posted by Sandpaper America on Sep 23rd 2022

The Quickest Way to Patch Up a Small Hole in the Wall

Whether moving furniture, hanging pictures, cleaning, or something else, holes in walls happen to the best of us. Fortunately, small holes are simple and easy to fix. With a little foreknowledge and experience with handyman work, any homeowner can repair a small hole in their drywall. For those who prefer professional assistance, a general contractor is the best solution for drywall repair and can render their services at a price anyone can afford.

Continue reading for a simple summary on how to repair a small hole in the wall.

Drywall Repair Basics

A small hole is a simple and quick repair when it comes to drywall. The first step to the repair process is to purchase your needed supplies. So, start by making a trip to your local hardware store or home goods store. There, you can find all the supplies you need for drywall repair projects. Pick up some good-quality spackle paste and a putty knife. When it comes to spackle, choose a non-shrinking paste for projects like this. Next, find a clean cloth or towel and a source of clean water. And be sure to wear an apron or old shirt before getting started.

Here are the basic steps for patching a small hole in drywall with these tools and supplies:

Apply a Marble-Sized Amount of Spackle Paste (or less) to the Putty Knife

Administer a Small Amount of Spackle to the Hole

Steadily Smooth Out the Paste with the Putty Knife

Smooth Out Edges of Paste to Camouflage Perfectly with the Wall

Use a Warm Rag to Wipe Off Excess Paste Around the Patch

If an Error Occurs, Start Over with a Bit More Spackle Paste

Allow Paste and Patch to Dry Overnight

Repaint if Necessary

Smaller Holes in the Wall

For “golf ball-sized” holes or larger, different tools and supplies are needed, as well as a separate set of patching instructions. Stay tuned for that information next week! Or call an Indianapolis Drywall Repair contactor for information, advice, and assistance, today.

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