Top Advice for Cutting Brick With Precision

Posted by Sandpaper America on May 24th 2019

Top Advice for Cutting Brick With Precision

From backyard patios and hardscapes, to indoor fireplaces and more, brick is an essential material that can be manipulated to create beautiful living spaces and amenities. When you know how to cut your own brick, you are able to take on a whole new level of home improvement projects that you never could before. And with the latest advancements in technology, as well as, the innovative abrasive tools on the market, cutting brick is easier to do than ever before! With a little knowledge and the right tools, you can cut your own brick, hassle-free! 

Continue reading to learn some simple and effective tips for cutting bricks.

Angle Grinder Diamond Blade

What You Will Need:

  • Electric-Powered Angle Grinder w/Diamond Cutting Blade
  • Workbench
  • Hammer
  • 50 Foot Extension Cord
  • Tape Measure
  • Small Framing Square
  • Safety Goggles
  • Face Mask
  • Utility Gloves
  • Pencil

Gather Your Supplies

The electric-powered angle grinder with diamond cutting blades is the essential tool for the job. Of course you will need the other supplies as well, but the grinder is the device that makes brick cutting much easier and more efficient than years ago. Without one, you will have to rely on cold chisels and mason hammers to get the job done. That takes a large amount of effort, as well as, trial and error. And you don’t want to waste time or money trying to get the right cut for your bricks. So invest in a quality angle grinder for the best results. You can purchase one at any local hardware or home improvement store for around 30 dollars, depending on the kit you choose.

Getting Started…

Place your workbench in close proximity to your project area to cut down travel distance and time. Be sure there is an outlet for your extension cord. And be sure the bench is far from anything that can be affected by dust, such as vehicles, swimming pools, and play areas for children.

Note: A desirable workbench will have a set of sawhorses and a large piece of scrap plywood on top.

Mark the brick in all the areas you plan to cut using your pencil, small framing square, and tape measure. To reduce waste, be sure to think about your desired shape and cut beforehand, and take your time marking each brick carefully.

With the marked section facing up, place the brick on your workbench. Next, connect your angle grinder to your extension cord. Be sure the angle grinder is set to OFF. Then plug the extension cord into the outlet. You don’t want it to unintentionally start once you plug in your cord. This could be dangerous.

Note: Be sure you are wearing all your protective gear before making any cuts, including goggles, dust mask, and utility gloves.

Hold the grinder firmly and place the diamond blade perpendicular to the brick. Then turn the power to ON. With a slow motion, lower the blade carefully onto the brick and begin cutting along the marked areas.

Note: Always cut brick on the “waste’ side of your pencil lines. This is the side of the brick that will not be used.

You may or may not be able to cut completely through the brick on one stride. It depends on how thick the brick is and the size of your grinder and blade. For example, a 4 ½ inch diameter blade will be able to cut around 2 ¼ inches deep into brick. But a 9 inch diameter blade can cut well over 4 inches deep.

So if you cannot cut the brick in one pass, take the grinder as deep as it can go. Then move the brick to the edge of your workbench and tap it lightly with a hammer on its waste side to snap it off the rest of the way. Then do a quick swipe along the edge to shave off and smooth out any rough areas.

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