What are Non-Woven Abrasives?

Posted by Sandpaper America on Nov 30th 2020

What are Non-Woven Abrasives?

Traditional-style coated abrasives are crafted with a backing of either cloth or paper. Adhered on one side of the paper or cloth backing is where you will find the abrasive grains, or as the name suggests, “coated” with abrasive grains. In contrast, non-woven abrasives are crafted with synthetic substrates. Within this synthetic substrate are the resins and abrasive grains. And the differences do not stop there. 

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Non-Woven Abrasives

All non-abrasives fall under one of two categories: 1) Surface Conditioning and 2) Surface Finishing. Surface conditioning is also referred to as “scrim backed” and surface finishing is often called “non-scrim backed.” Look below for more details about the two.

Surface Conditioning

Also called “scrim backed”, surface conditioning materials are crafted by weaving synthetic fibers through a scrim. A scrim is a woven base made of monofilament threads. It has a similar appearance to Burlap. Deposited on the fuzzy-textured substrate side are resins and abrasive grit. Since there is only one coated side, the abrasive must be used flat, making it most popular for sanding belts and discs. They are highly recommended for metal resurfacing, light deburring, weld blending, and oxidation removal, as well as, satin and decorative surfaces.

Surface Finishing

Also called “non-scrim backed”, surface conditioning materials do not retain a strengthening woven base like scrim backed materials do. Instead, they are an open web, light-weight material similar to scim backed material, but they have abrasive grit and resins all throughout. They are crafted with polyester or nylon fibers instead of monofilament threads too. This creates an open sponge-like mesh or web. This mesh is then submerged into the grit and resin substance for a complete coat.

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