Advice on Purchasing Vulcanized Fiber Discs

Posted by Sandpaper America on Sep 30th 2020

Advice on Purchasing Vulcanized Fiber Discs

There are a few options for abrasives when working with an angle grinder. The most common include reinforced depressed center wheels, flap discs, resinoid cup wheels, diamond cup wheels, and vulcanized fiber discs. The type of abrasive you use with your powerful angle grinder will depend on the particular grinding application. For high-pressure and high stock removal applications, vulcanized fiber discs are a go-to choice for many woodworkers. These may include resin fiber discs, such as silicone carbide, aluminum oxide, zirconia, and ceramic, as well as, flap and overlap discs.

Although highly effective, using vulcanized fiber abrasives with angle grinders can be highly dangerous. For this reason and more, it is important that you purchase a safe and reliable product. Continue reading for more advice on vulcanized fiber discs and how to buy them.

Vulcanized Fiber Discs

If you are looking for a single-layer coated abrasive for your sanding project, vulcanized fiber discs may be the right choice. As grinding and finishing materials go on the market, vulcanized fiber abrasives happen to be one of the most popular. Regardless of grinding application, vulcanized fiber discs offer the power and control you need to get the finish you desire.

Types of Vulcanized Fiber Discs to Choose From:

Aluminum Oxide Vulcanized Fiber Discs

Zirconium Oxide Vulcanized Fiber Discs

Ceramic Alumina Vulcanized Fiber Discs

Silicon Carbide Vulcanized Fiber Discs

You Might Also Need Back-Up Pads for Vulcanized Fiber Discs

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