How to Read Specifications for Grinding Wheels

Posted by Sandpaper America on Jul 31st 2020

How to Read Specifications for Grinding Wheels

Often times, those new to woodworking or abrasives may wonder how to read the specifications on a standard bench and pedestal grinding wheel. With all those numbers and measurements, it is no wonder people have trouble understanding what each numeric value represents. If you are one of those people, continue reading to learn how to interpret disc specs, and where to find the best deals for grinding wheels and more online.

Grinding Wheels

The general format for grinding wheel specifications will read as three numbers, with lowercase “x” symbols in between. It will look something like this: 10” x 1 ½” x ¼”, and should be located directly on the front or side of the wheel cartridge. The “x” stands for the term, “by”, referencing the comparison between length, width, and diameter. The other values represent just that: length, width, and diameter measurements of particular parts of a grinding wheel. Let’s use this example to better explore the meaning behind grinding wheel specifications and measurements:

10” x 1 ½” x ¼”

All values in this example are in inches. So, this example would read as, “10 inches by 1 and one half inches by one fourth of an inch.” The first value is the diameter of the grinding wheel in inches, the second value is the width (thickness) in inches, and the last value is the size of the arbor hole.

The arbor hole is the hollowed center of a grinding wheel that attaches the saw blade or brush to the arbor, another component of a saw. Arbor holes can be made larger by sanding the inner perimeter to make the diameter wider, or they can be made smaller by attaching a bushing to reduce the diameter of the hole.

Additional Specifications

There are more specifications on grinding wheels, other than its numeric measurements, that are important to know and understand. They are as follows:

T-1. This spec stands for “Type 1”, indicating a flat grinding wheel or straight tool room wheel.

A36. This spec stands for the material and grit of the grinding wheel. The number “37” represents the grit, in this case a 36 would be medium grit, while the “A” stands for Aluminum Oxide.

A/O. This spec also indicates and stands for Aluminum Oxide.

Vitrified. This is the bonding of the grinding wheel.

RPM. This is an acronym that stands for “revolutions per minute” which represents the speed at which the grinding wheel is capable of achieving. It can also stand for “maximum operating speed” in some cases.

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