Standard Types of Sandpaper Backing Materials

Posted by Sandpaper America on Sep 14th 2020

Standard Types of Sandpaper Backing Materials

Sandpaper is an effective tool made from applying abrasive grit to the back of a flexible sheet. These flexible sheets range in materials, depending on the type of sanding project you have on board. Accordingly, the type of adhesive used to apply the grit to the sheet will range depending on the type of backing material. Continue reading to learn about the three most common types of sandpaper backing materials and the adhesives used to apply them.

Types of Sanding Sheets

The three most common types of material used for the back of sandpaper sheets are standard paper, waterproof paper, and cloth. The material of your sandpaper sheets depends on the type of sanding you need to accomplish. When it comes to adhesives, water-soluble versions are used most often; however, waterproof adhesives are also used to apply grit to sheet. Sandpaper made for power tools generally have a stronger adhesive bond compared to sandpaper made for manual use. Below are some key points regarding these common materials


  • Fairly Inexpensive
  • Adequate for Normal Sanding Use
  • Quality Ranges Depending on Intended Method of Use
  • Water-Soluble Adhesive


  • Essential for Sanding Projects that Require Lubricants
  • Darker and Shinier Appearance
  • Waterproof Adhesive
  • Mid-Range Prices


  • Good for Sanding Projects that Require Full Flexibility
  • Water-Soluble Adhesive
  • Higher in Price

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