The Sanding Applications of Angle Grinders

Posted by Sandpaper America on Aug 12th 2019

The Sanding Applications of Angle Grinders

When it comes to all the tools in your shop, an angle grinder is definitely one to have on the shelf. Angle grinders are a multi-use sanding tool that are compatible with a wide range of wheels and discs, including resin fiber discs, overlap discs, cut off wheels, grinding wheels, and much more. This allows for several different types of sanding applications! So if you have or intend to procure an angle grinder to add to your tool collection, continue reading to review the different types of sanding applications in which resin fiber discs would be an effective choice.

Resin Fiber Grinding Disc Applications

There are four primary resin fiber grinding discs useful for various types of sanding applications, including woodworking, metal working, and more. These include aluminum oxide, ceramic, silicon carbide, and zirconia.

Silicon Carbide - if you have a metal works project on deck, and sanding is required, silicon carbide grinding discs are the ones to choose. These works great on services like titanium, granite, marble, brick, plastic, tile, stone, fiberglass, and more. Its abrasive grain is very sharp and quick to cut, making it perfect for removing surface coatings, adhesives, paint, varnish, acrylics, plastics, and other types of coats. Silicon carbide grinding discs are most admired for the clean, smooth results they produce.

Aluminum Oxide - Aluminum oxide grinding discs are your all-purpose abrasives. They work well on both metal and wood surfaces, removing small welds, imperfections, and blemishes. They also provide light stock removal, as well as, blending and finishing. For metal applications, aluminum oxide is recommended for light duty work on low alloy metals.

Zirconia - zirconia grinding discs are heavy-duty. They are great for high pressure applications, including deburring, blending, chrome stock removal, chrome nickel stock removal, weld removal, high alloy steel, and more. These discs are also admired for their long life, lasting twice as long as aluminum oxide grinding discs.

Ceramic - Ceramic grinding discs are best used for high heat-producing applications. For example, sending stainless steel. These grinding discs are most admired for their self-sharpening abilities, which provide high stock removal rates. It is most recommended for blending welds.

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