Nov 4th 2020

Tips for Using a Stationary Belt Sander

Stationary belt sanders are the perfect solution for surfacing, smoothing, removing stock, and even creating decorative straight line finishes. But they come in many sizes, so it is important to match the right sander to your particular sanding needs. There are stationary belt sanders as small as a half of an inch wide, and some as wide as door.

The 3 Types of Stationary Belt Sanders

There are three primary types of stationary belt sanders: 1) strip sanders, 2) mid-sized sanders, and 3) stroke sanders. Choose the sander that best suits the type of wood or metal project you have in the works. Continue reading to learn about each sander and the differences among them.

1) Strip Sanders – Strip sanders use narrow belts that travel vertically, and generally measures between 1 and 2 inches wide. They are perfect for shaping and sanding small parts, such as crown molding, staircases, chair legs, posts, and more. They are also good choices for fitting joints and sharpening edges.

2) Mid-Sized Sanders – A bit larger than strip sanders, but not quite as large as stroke sanders, mid-sized sanders fall right between with belts ranging between 4 and 6 inches wide. This gives a generous amount of sanding surface, capable of vertical or horizontal settings. Mid-sized sanders are an effective choice for sanding concave or convex surfaces, and much more. They are highly-versatile sanders.

3) Stroke Sanders – The largest of all three belt sanders, stroke sanders measure much higher, between 52 inches and 12 feet! They travel horizontally as you press the surface of the stock down with the large stroker or pad. Because of their massive proportions, stroke sanders are mostly used in commercial applications.

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