Top 5 Reasons Why Table Saw Injuries Happen

Posted by Sandpaper America on Dec 9th 2020

Top 5 Reasons Why Table Saw Injuries Happen

From sliced fingertips to full-on amputations, table saws are powerful machines that require strict adherence to an internal safety code. If you own a table saw, it is vital that you learn some safety tips that can protect your hands and fingers from serious injuries. There are 5 common reasons why woodworkers injure themselves while using a table saw, and learning these reasons can better prevent yourself from going down the same road. Continue reading to do just that!

Using a Table Saw

Just like any other woodworking machinery, it is important to take certain precautions to promote personal safety. This includes practices like having the proper gear, maintaining a clutter-free workstation, managing dust, properly disposing of chemicals and tainted rags, and more. But regardless of how well you prepare, there are basic inherent risks in using a table saw. And these risks are magnified by 5 particular errors that can turn a standard woodworking project into a trip to the emergency room. If you have a table saw need coming up, be sure you do not fall victim to any of these errors.

> Improper Tool Setup

When using a table saw, it is vital that you have everything in place and setup properly before you begin cutting. Often times, this setup will take longer than the actual cutting portion of the project, but it is vital, nonetheless. This includes making sure your guards, outfeed, fencing, push sticks, and feather boards are all properly secured in place.

> Insufficient Protection 

A common reason why injuries occur when using a table saw is due to something that is entirely avoidable. The lack of proper protective gear is a critical error that should always be avoided. Be sure you have protective eye goggles, face masks, ear protectors, and gloves. But it is not just yourself that requires adequate protection. Your table saw should have a quality blade guard and splitter. The injuries that can occur as a result of removing the blade guard can be severe and life-long. Do not remove the blade guard or a “backstroke” move could render you without hands.

> Inattentiveness

When people have a project that requires a lot of repetition or has a strict deadline, it is easy to become distracted, fatigued, or a bit careless after several hours of work. This level of inattentiveness is unfortunately common, and extremely dangerous. Never let your guard down for even an instant while working with a table saw. This is related to the next common cause for table saw injuries, and it might surprise you.

>  Impairment

There’s nothing like cracking open a frosty brew after a long hard week at work as you enter your man cave for another exciting weekend of woodworking and carpentry. However, be careful how many drinks you have before making the decision to use a powerful and highly dangerous electric saw. Many people injure themselves because they operated a table saw while intoxicated or impaired. The owners’ manual and manufacturer’s instructions strictly discourage the use of a table saw while impaired.

> Inexperience

The most common cause for table saw injuries is due to inexperience. These mistakes sometimes happen because people see them as a toy and test how much they can cut, while others might buy one without reading any instructions or manuals. If you are not familiar with a powerful and dangerous tool, you should not use it until you are fully-educated on all its operations and safety. Having this knowledge gives you the tools you need to safely operate a table saw.

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