What is an Abrasive Flap Disc and Do I Need It?

Posted by Sandpaper America on Jul 29th 2022

What is an Abrasive Flap Disc and Do I Need It?

An abrasive flap disc is used for metal fabrication. They provide grinding, blending, and finishing with just a one tool attachment, and at a lower cost. Over the last ten years, they have been the fastest growing category in the abrasives industry. Essentially, they work well to reduce gouging and burning since they cut cooler. This makes them a preferred choice among metal fabricators, and for good reason. Not only are flap discs lighter in weight and easier to control, but they also have less downtime for product changes.This reduces vibration, noise, and even fatigue.

Flap Disc Types

Flap discs are mostly used on right-angle grinders, so they are specially designed with a hub that allows metalwork to be done on the face. And the flaps can be used at both an angle and flat. Choosing the right flap disc shape is vital to your finished product. 

There are two primary shapes of flap discs: Type 29 Conical and Type 27 Flat. Each flap disc shape provides different performance features, so it is important to choose the proper one for your metalworking project. Review the differences below to learn the recommended applications for each.

Type 29 Conical flap discs are recommended for removing heavy layers of stock. Since they have angled flaps, they can be used for both edge and contour work. Angled flaps allow for greater surface area contact, making them the perfect choice for stock removal on flat surfaces. When you are in need of speed, and stock removal, Type 29 flap discs are the way to go.

Type 27 Flat flap discs are recommended for finishing metal on flat surfaces. Although they can be used for simple edge work. When you are just looking to blend, smooth, and finish metal, Type 27 Flat flap discs will be your best option.

Abrasives for Metal Work

With an abrasive flap disc, you’ll need the proper grit sandpaper. As for metal work, there are three recommended types of abrasives to use: 1) Aluminum Oxide, 2) Ceramic Alumina, and 3) Zirconia Alumina. These abrasives are designed to shape and smooth metal. Use aluminum oxide sandpaper for smaller projects, ceramic alumina for stainless steel or high-alloy materials, and zirconia alumina for carbon and mild steel applications.

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