Posted by Sandpaper America on Apr 22nd 2020

What is Glass Paper?

If you are new to the carpentry world, or simply on the market for some coated abrasives for a home project, you are likely to come across a term for sandpaper that will confuse you. Glass paper is a generic term seldom used to describe modern-day sandpaper. Glass paper is an outdated, and likely confusing, term because sanding abrasives and sandpaper sheets are no longer made with bits and pieces of glass.

History of Sandpaper

You see, sandpaper is actually a tool that can be dated back to 13th century China. Back then, it was crudely constructed on squares of parchment, using crushed shells, sand, seeds, and tree gum. As time went on, this product was innovated and improved upon by many entrepreneurs all across the world. In 1833 London, John Oakey’s company was manufacturing sandpaper using particles of glass and glass grit, rather than sand. They were able to invent new adhesive methods and processes that would be compatible with mass production. With mass production of sandpaper on the brink of a revolutionary turn, it was a Vermont man by the name of Isaac Fisher Jr. that was able to patent the first process for mass manufacturing of sandpaper in the United States in 1834.

And in 1921, the sandpaper manufacturing company 3M invented a new kind of abrasive with water-proof backing (known as Wet & Dry) that could be used for automotive paint refinishing and other applications of sanding and refinishing. In the years proceeding, new types of abrasives were created for different materials and applications, including woodworking, metalwork, glass sanding, automotive sanding, and more.

Modern Sandpaper

Glass paper was used until sanding products were again revolutionized and improved. Now rather than sharp glass frit and flint, newer and more effective materials are used to manufacture sandpaper. These materials include garnet, emery, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alumina zirconia, chromium oxide, and of course sand. The abrasives used to construct sandpaper depend on the type of abrasive and its application purpose.

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