What Makes a Good Quality Sandpaper?

Posted by Sandpaper America on Apr 18th 2019

What Makes a Good Quality Sandpaper?

Sandpaper is an effective tool used in many industries, from construction and woodworking, to painting, metalwork, and more. With so many brands of sandpaper to choose from, it can be difficult deciphering which one is the best. There are a few factors to look for when shopping for high-quality sandpaper. But before choosing a product off the shelf, it is important to know what you are looking for in terms of your particular sanding project. Sandpaper comes in several different assortments, varying in grade, grit count, material, and more. So be sure to match the right sandpaper to your sanding needs!

For example, open-coat sandpaper is better for power sanding since it has an opening in the back that allows for particle buildup. Whereas closed-coat sandpaper is great for hand sanding since the backing is completely covered in material. Choosing the right grit count is important, and depends on the type of commodity you are sanding, the finish you are trying to achieve, and more. Once you have figured out what type of sanding paper you are looking for, you can review what makes a high-quality product. 

Continue reading to learn the two primary features of a high-quality sandpaper.

Strong Backing Material

A good-quality sandpaper will have a strong backing material that won’t easily rip or crack at the slightest bend. Generally, sandpaper backing is manufactured with paper material, but higher-quality products use a film or fabric backing. These are more durable and won’t tear during use. Cloth backings are also light-weight and very flexible, making it perfect for concentrated hand sanding and contouring, or heavy-duty uses like rust removal and metal shaping. Fabric backings can also be used for wet sanding applications.

Grit that Sticks

The other prominent feature of high-quality sandpaper is the ability for grit to “stick and stay.” Essentially what this means is, grit material should stay on and not easily flake off before and during use. Also, there should be sufficient grit coverage on the other side of the sanding sheet or roll. If the grit does not stick well to the backing material, especially during use, it will be more prone to tearing holes. The better grit stays and sticks to the sandpaper backing, the longer it can be used in one setting. This is because better-sticking grit continues to expose new, sharp edges as it is being used for sanding.

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