Posted by Sandpaper America on Feb 25th 2020

Why Use a Drum Sander for Wood Floor Sanding

Drum sanders are large sanding machines that are primarily used for wood and plastic sanding projects. Coming in at about 30 inches wide and 25 inches long, and weighing just over 175 pounds, drum sanders generally need at least two feet of clearance on each side for adequate working space.They are highly efficient and effective sanding machines capable of many woodworking projects and purposes. 

Continue reading to learn a little more about drum sanders, how they work, and what they are best used for in terms of woodworking.

Drum Sanders

Drum sanders are best for wood floor projects because they operate at much higher speeds than most other sanders. They cut very fast, and can smooth out any uneven areas in flooring neatly and more efficiently than orbital sanders. A person can work large surface areas quicker and with more precision because they allow the use of both hands for increased control. And most units come with a suction mechanism that draws up all the residual sanding debris and dust from the surrounding work space, making post-project cleaning much easier.

Traditional drum sanders are set up for easy sandpaper replacement, which is perfect for wood floor sanding projects since they commonly require grit and grade changes throughout the process. Also, they come with their own stand in which they are mounted onto firmly, as well as, an attached light for better visibility.

There are two common methods used for sanding wood floors with a drum sander: sanding the floorboards in a horizontal fashion from corner to corner; and second, sanding along the floorboards from side to side. The method chosen largely depends on the type of wood and the desired finish.

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