Why Use an Oscillated Spindle Sander for Rounded Wood

Posted by Sandpaper America on Jun 26th 2020

Why Use an Oscillated Spindle Sander for Rounded Wood

When it comes to finishing woodwork with rounded edges, an oscillated spindle sander is just the tool for the job. Whether sanding down facings, furniture legs, stair treads, moldings, or other rounded wood edges, a spindle sander can smooth out saw marks, even out rounded cuts, smooth down cut edges, sand inside deep-hole cuts, and much more. These sanding tools are generally table-mounted, but also come fitted for bench-top, portable, stand-alone, hand-held, and more.

Continue reading to learn some basics surrounding spindle sanders, bench-top sanders, and more.

The Basics of Spindle Sanders

Spindle sanders are cylindrical drum sanders that are mounted on a spindle, which allows it to move both up and down, and around, at the same time. A gritted paper sleeve attaches to the belt that works as an abrasive to smooth out rough edges and imperfections. This simultaneous vertical and circulating motion allows for easier and more accurate sanding on rounded surfaces. Using a drum sander drill press set-up can cause burn marks on the wood and uneven deterioration on the sanding sleeve. An oscillated spindle sander is the solution to avoiding this common woodworking problem.

Types of Spindle Sanders

As mentioned, spindle sanders are generally used as table-mounted tools, but also come in portable, stand-alone, and bench-top styles. Stand-alone models, or floor-mounted spindle sanders, are high-end and mostly used in industrial woodworking, so they are less common and more expensive (upwards of $3,000 or more!).

The more common set-up are table and portable style spindle sanders. Not only are they more affordable, they are easier to use and take up less space in the shop. For these reasons, portable, hand-held, table-mounted spindle sanders are used for residential woodworking projects. You can expect these sanders to cost anywhere from $150 to $300 or so, depending on the retailer and more.

Bench-top spindle sanders are a bit pricier, usually costing anywhere between $200 and $400, give or take, depending on the retailer and model date. They do come with extra useful features, like storage space for sleeves, table inserts, spindles, drum plates, and more.

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