3 Top-Rated Power Paint Strippers for Under $600

Posted by Sandpaper America on May 27th 2022

3 Top-Rated Power Paint Strippers for Under $600

Paint removal is not a task you can speed up, unless you have the right tools. With a good quality paint stripper, removing paint is a whole lot easier. If you are in the market for a new tool that can remove paint and get the job done in a time frame that’s convenient for you, then consider these three customer-approved power paint strippers on the market.

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Metabo LF724S Power Paint Remover

This environmentally-friendly power paint remover tool features a motor capable of up to 10,000 RPM. It comes with reversible all-carbide blades that can be adjusted for chip removal. It also comes with safety features that protect against kick-backs and blade jams. As the most economical choice of all three power paint removers, the Metabo LF724S will only set you back between $250 and $300 new, and even less for a used one.

The Festool Rotex 150

As one of the biggest contenders on the market, this power stripper will set you back the most out of all three. If buying one brand new, expect to pay anywhere from $550 to $600. If you are purchasing a used one, expect to pay much less, between $180 and $350 depending on the condition. If buying used, be sure to get the case and charger included with the deal, as these parts are not sold separately without a complicated call to the custom service department.

This power stripper features 720 watts of power and can be used in countless sanding applications in addition to paint removal. The gearbox is enclosed entirely, making it impenetrable by dust. This makes it a very dependable tool, and one that has minimal vibration and a light-weight 5 pound frame. It does require pad replacement.

Porter Cable 7403 Power Paint Remover

This electric carbide paint remover tool is less expensive than the Festool Ro 150, but will still set you back anywhere between $350 and $500 brand new. If you choose to purchase a used Porter Cable electric carbide paint remover, you can expect to pay about half the cost of a new one. This power paint remover tool provides fast, smooth, and controlled paint removal up to 4,500 RPMs. It comes with adjustable side mounts that allow users to guide left or right handed. It uses tungsten carbide sanding discs in various grit sizes.

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