Common Items That Contain Abrasives Similar to Sandpaper

Posted by Sandpaper America on May 19th 2022

Common Items That Contain Abrasives Similar to Sandpaper

Abrasives are also referred to as sandpaper, which is a product used to polish, grind, smooth, shape, and finish woodworking and metal working items. From rocking chairs to plumbing pipes, many industries use sanding machines and abrasives to produce and manufacture their goods. Even professionals like painters, nail technicians, construction crews, and more use abrasives to provide their services. Sandpaper is a special and highly beneficial product that is known for these purposes, but there are so many everyday items made from abrasives that we tend to overlook or not recognize.

Continue reading to learn some surprising things that are made with abrasives!

Household Products That Might Have Abrasives 

Nail Filers

Also called emery boards, nail filers are made from just that: emery. Emery is a type of abrasive used in several commercial applications. It is also a common ingredient in other abrasive products to reduce the grit count and make it more course. To make nail filers, a manufacturer simply takes pieces of cardboard and glues emery to the back of them. This makes the boards more flexible, but still effective enough for nail care.

Whitening Toothpaste

If you use whitening toothpaste, then you are using abrasives on your teeth every day. Many whitening formulas for toothpaste include tiny abrasives to polish teeth and restore luster. Common abrasives found in whitening toothpaste include silica, calcium carbonate, alumina, and dicalcium.

Face Cleansers

That’s right, face soap. Several liquid face cleansers on the market offer special “micro-beads” that are meant to exfoliate the skin during every wash. Common brands that carry micro-bead exfoliating technology include Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Olay, and Aveeno. The interesting part are the micro-beads, which are not high-tech advanced skin care technology, but rather, tiny particles of abrasives! The little black beads you find in your face soap is actually a type of abrasive, generally made from a combination of flint, garnet, emery, and sand. These abrasive beads work effectively to clean out pores and exfoliate skin.

The Importance of Sandpaper and Abrasives 

As you can see, there are several uses for abrasives and abrasive technology in our everyday lives, as well as, in various industries and enterprises all across the world. Sandpaper and abrasives play a vital role in our construction, manufacturing, and engineering industries, and will only continue to aid our journey into a future of convenience and luxury.

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