The Benefits of Using a Chute Board

Posted by Sandpaper America on Oct 20th 2021

The Benefits of Using a Chute Board

Woodworking shooting boards are common tools used in the carpentry and woodworking industries. They are also known as chute boards or woodworking appliances, so you may have heard about them before. Although a simple tool, they are useful and significant for certain types of woodworking projects.

Continue reading to learn more about woodworking chute boards and decide whether or not you require one for your shop.

A Chute Board is a Carpentry Must-Have

If you want to complete your toolkit in your carpentry shop or garage, then you should consider adding a shooter board. These are indispensable tools that make a huge difference when it comes to achieving the perfect cut and finish. Shooting boards essentially serve two functions, as they are basically a jig and a fixture in one.

The first part of the device is the fixture, which is the “lift and fence” side of the tool. This is the area where the wood is placed and held still in a specified angular position. The fixture part keeps the wood stabilized, or in a “fixed” position, for controlled trimming. The second half of the tool is the “jig”, which is the “chute” part of the shooter board. A hand plane allows a part of the wood to be cut off as it’s slid on or into the chute section.

Why You Need a Woodworking Shooter Board

Like a miter box and saw, a woodworking shooting board is a tool that allows for precision and convenience. These are the primary reasons why carpenters and woodworkers enjoy using them. They deliver outstanding accuracy, fitment, and finish.

Aside from the convenience and exactness they offer, woodworking shooter boards also make precision trimming safer. Because you supply the power and direction of the wood when using a shooter board, you can protect your fingers and hands better than you could with a larger power tool or belt sander.

If you require a higher degree of precision, control, and accuracy when working with wood, then a shooting board is right for you. They are one of the safest tools on the market for precision trimming, cutting, and finishing, and they can be purchased at any local home improvement or tool store.

Where to Get Top Quality Woodworking and Carpentry Abrasives

Keep in mind that you will still need to use quality abrasives to achieve the flawless and professional results you are after. Choose a local sandpaper supplier that manufactures their products in-house to ensure the highest level of quality.

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